Custom flare

You have the possibility to ask me to make a flare that completely fits the thickness and elasticity of your lobes. Price will be same as standard plugs.

Here are regular measurements that fit most of the clients :

Plug sizeWearing lengthFlare height
8 > 14mm8mm0,5mm
16 > 38mm8mm1mm
40 > 48mm9mm1,5mm
50mm > ...10mm2mm

The plug size is the inner diameter, edges not included.

The wearing length is the width between the edges of the plug, edges not included.

The flare height is the gap between the wearing length and the top of the edge.

I usually make a flat flare for rond plugs and tunnels but I can make a curved one if needed. I only make curved flares for other plug shapes.

Don't hesitate to compare with your favorite pair so that I can make the adapted measures for your lobes.