Privacy policy

Last update : 14/06/2018

Here are the rules about privacy. They allow you to know the nature and the treatment of the personal informations you'll give me.

It only affects the orders made through the website, the email address and the social medias Facebook and Instagram.

For the Etsy orders, I redirect you to its own Privacy Policy to know the exact conditions.


If you have any question, just send me an email to the address .

Here are the personal informations that will be asked to you, and what they'll be used for :


Your email address : It'll automatically be sent to me if you fill in the contact form of the website. Otherwise I'll ask you to give it through the social media you used to contact me.

I'll use it for any contact linked to a possible order : answer your questions, invoice managing, delivery tracking and after-sales service.

PLVGCVLT doesn't have any newsletter for the moment so nothing else will be sent to your mailbox.


Your name, surname and shipping address : They'll automatically be sent to me if you order on Etsy, otherwise I'll ask you to send them through social medias or your email. I'll use these informations to establish invoicing and shipping address so that I can send you your order.


Bank informations ? For your security, I won't personally collect any of your bank informations. That's why I only let you pay with Paypal for the orders through my website or with Etsy which has its  own secure payment system. This way no bank information will directly be sent to me.

The storage of your personal informations won't exceed our mail and social medias conversations, as well as the invoices that I'll keep printed and in my computer for a period of 10 years like any micro company.

They won't be sent to anyone else, or used in a different way that what was previously said in this privacy policy. I'm the only person who has and keep the access to these informations.

PLVGCVLT doesn't offer you a direct way to change your personal informations. However you'll be able to contact me at any moment through emails and social medias to keep me aware of any necessary modification.

The last given informations are the ones considered as updated. is only a showcase website and doesn't offer any client account. This way no cookie will be used and no personal navigation data will be stored on your computer.