Technical Attributes

Here is a table of the woods that I sell

Even if amaranth and oak are described as less smooth than other woods, they are completely wearable and won't cause any comfort issue. These informations are given on an indicative basis.

If you want to see the exact color and veining of the piece of wood I'll use to make your plugs, don't hesitate to ask me a picture before ordering.

AmaranthPurple / CherryMarkedRegularMiddle
OakMiddle BrownVery markedRegularMiddle
EbonyBlackNoneVery smoothHeavy
WalnutBrown variableVery variableSmoothLight
OliveBeige / YellowVery markedVery smoothHeavy



Colour varying from purple/cherry to brown depending on the light

From 8mm to 80mm (or even +)



Middle brown with a very graphical veining

From 8mm to 80mm (or even +)



Deep black

From 8mm to 44mm (to 50mm if inlay)



Very variable colours and veining

From dark to middle brown, from plain colour to striped

From 8mm to 80mm (or even +)



Marked veining on light wood

From 8mm to 70mm (or even +)

Big size


I can also make custom plugs bigger than 80mm, with a longer time wait depending on the desired wood

Don't hesitate to contact me to know more about this